Russell K RED 120


Prisen på højtaleren er pr stk. Frontbeklædning sort 1995,- (sæt)



Dimensions H- 860mm (910mm including plinth, base and spikes) W-200mm D-190mm
Construction 16mm MDF all sides apart from front baffle which is 19mm.
Totally undamped cabinet
3 acoustic loading bracing shelves with multiple apertures, mounted below the tweeter, below the bass mid driver and below the sub bass driver
1 bracing shelf mounted near the bottom of the enclosure containing an internal port
Internal port vents into a small chamber containing a second reflex port tuned as a system to 24Hz

Drive units
2 x 5” Bass units with impregnated paper cone and curved optimised acoustic profile
High power Ferrite magnet driving a 25mm voice coil with aluminium former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring
25mm soft dome tweeter
Ferrite magnet system
Copper Clad Aluminium voice coil wire on a Fibreglass Former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring

All drivers connected in positive phase
Sub bass driver starts roll off at 80Hz 6db/Oct fed by “Enclosed Field Iron Core Inductor”. Features high power without saturation, very low DCR and almost no stray magnetic field
Bass/Mid driver crossover frequency 2200Hz nominal 12 db/Oct. Utilises an “Enclosed Field Ferrite Core Inductor “in the signal path. Very low DCR nominal stray fields
Tweeter attenuation by misaligned Zobel network as opposed to conventional L-Pad
All Drivers have only one component in the signal path
Phase optimised through the crossover region
In room usable frequency response 25Hz-22KHz (dependent on room)
Sensitivity: 86db 1 watt 1 Metre

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