Russell K RED 100


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Dimensions H- 400mm W-260mm D-270mm
Construction 16mm MDF all sides apart from front baffle which is 19mm.
Totally undamped cabinet
2 acoustic loading bracing shelves with multiple apertures mounted above and below the woofer
Reflex port loading tuned to 35Hz

Drive units
6.5” Bass unit with impregnated paper cone and curved optimised acoustic profile
High power Ferrite magnet driving a 25mm voice coil with aluminium former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring
25mm soft dome tweeter
Double Ferrite magnet system
Copper Clad Aluminium voice coil wire on a Fibreglass Former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring

Drivers connected in positive phase, crossover frequency 2200Hz nominal 12 db/Oct
Bass Inductor “Enclosed Field Ferrite Core” Very low DCR nominal stray fields
Tweeter attenuation by misaligned Zobel network as opposed to conventional L-Pad
Both Drivers have only one component in the signal path
Phase optimised through the crossover region
In room frequency range 30Hz-20KHz

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