Pro-ject Power Box RS Uni 4-way


Universal linear power supply for 4 RS components



  • Purest & cleanest power using non-switching power supply
  • Soft start system avoids current inrush in primary winding
  • Audio type toroidal transformer
  • Main isolating transformer with copper foil shielding
  • Secondary voltage rectification with precise regulation
  • High filtration capacity (10.000 µF for each output)
  • Low ESR capacitors
  • Low noise components with surge protection
  • Available in silver or black


Input voltage AC 230V/50Hz IEC C15 connector
(120V/60Hz US)
Output voltage / current 4 x 20V / 3A max
Filtration capacity 4 x 10.000 µF
Output voltage ripple rejection better than 75 dB
Dimensions W x H x D 201 x 72 x 195 mm
Weight 4800 g

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