Meze Empyrean


Ekstremt anmelderrost hovedtelefon fra Meze



Empyrean er en blanding af førsteklasses materialer, udsøgt håndværk og detaljer som kendetegner Meze. Empyrean er en af de mest teknologisk innovative magnetiske hovedtelefoner i verden.

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“Are the Meze Empyrean the world’s best headphone? The Romanian company make a strong case in the affirmative… The Empyrean deliver a double shot of detail and dynamics but with a sense of audible refinement that shows compromise the door.” – Darko Audio

“In particular Meze has done a terrific job in creating a headphone with superlative image placement and supremely musical […] Empyrean ranks among the most satisfying cans money can buy” – Hifi-news

“If you’re an audiophile with a good set-up at home, and you are looking for a pair of headphones that can match the very best loudspeakers, then you really owe yourself the opportunity to audition these superb headphones.” – Forbes

“I cannot fault their build quality nor the remarkable attention to detail that Meze has applied to these headphones… they have produced one of the most amazing headphones both regarding sound quality and aesthetics.” – Stereonet

“We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to good gear and good headphones, but this is one is extra special… What a masterpiece. Double thumbs up. A new King is born. This is a headphone everyone will still be talking about in 20 years.” –


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